We are more than 50% cheaper than the cheapest offer. Low profit / high volume are our key features. This does not mean that our quality is different from others. 

We provide best quality digitizing done by professionals in cheap digitizing rates. Each design is given its normal timing and 
re-checked before delivery. 

We are so confident and sure that our services will give you what you require.

Full Back Logo Flat Rate                                                             $20

Left Chest Logo Flat Rate                                                           $15

Urgent service (within 12 hours)                                               Free

Vector Art                                                                                        $ 15


Minor Editing                                                                                     Free

Major Editing(add new stitches)                                                   $1.00 / 1000 Stitches

Editing Files not made by                                          Min $ 5

Machine / File Format Conversion                                                Free

Minimum Charge                                                                              $15

Maximum Charge                                                                             $ 30



Size Change (Down-size)                                                                 Free

Size Change (Up-Size)                                                                      $1.00 / 1000 Stitches