What is custom digitizing?
Digitizing is the process that converts a picture into an embroidery design. It is accomplished on the computer using the picture as a template. The finished product is a computer file formatted for a specific brand of embroidery machine.
Please inform me simply what are the most important info that i need to send along with the order?

Information that you need to send are: Design Name; Size (Inch or Cm.): You may inform us one side- Width or Height. If you give us size of one side, the other side will go proportionately; Colors: The colors that you would need us to put in that particular design.Sometimes you may not need all the colors so you can enter information here; Fabric to embroider; Date of Delivery: In how many days you would need us to send the design back.
What can I have digitized?
Theoretically, anything you can take a picture of can be digitized for machine embroidery. Practically speaking, some subjects translate better into embroidery stitches than others, although I have yet to be sent anything that was impossible to digitize! :)
What about copyrighted or trademarked designs?
If you send me a picture of artwork or a logo to be digitized, I will assume you either own the copyright to it or have received written permission from the copyright owner to have it digitized for machine embroidery. If it is a nationally recognized logo, I will probably ask that you furnish the written permission. This is to protect both of us from possible copyright infringement.
How long does it take to have my design digitized?
Most logos take 24-48 hours from receipt of a deposit.
How can I request a quote?
Most quotes are firm and will be sent within 24 hours of your request. You will be told if the quote is just an estimate. Use the Digitizing Request Form to send your request.
Do you take rush orders?
If you need the design quicker than 2-3 business days, you may request a rush order for free!
What do i do if the designs that i download are zipped file?
Please visit WWW.WINZIP.COM. You can download a free trial version from there. Once it has been installed it will automatically pop up and do it's job whenever you double-click on a zipped file.
What formats do you provide?
We digitize in either .HUS (Viking), .VIP (Viking/Pfaff) or .DST (Tajima) format. I can convert to .ART, .CSD, .EXP, .JEF, .PCS, .PES, .SHV, .SEW, .XXX, and a number of other less common stitch file formats.
Will my design be tested before it is sent to me?
Yes, we will personally stitch it at least once. And it will be tested on the fabric (or something close) that you specified in your request.

Is this necessary to sign in before sending an order through an Order Form?
Yes, because once you have an user account in our database u will be able to
avail all our promotion, which we provides to our registered customer. Also you can download your previous ordered or purchased designs from your order history.

Where is order form located?
On top right corner of our website in yellow color (Place Order)

How can u send me my Ordered Design?

you can download your file from your account order history as well as we also email your file
to your sign-in email id "you used to sign-in at Logo4Digitizing.com account".